Faith Like a Child

Week two of camp is over! I had the privilege of being a counsellor to a group of twelve incredible grade six girls for the past week and it was absolutely lovely. Having to say goodbye on Friday was so bittersweet. (But I did miss my bed and was very excited to come home to it if we are being honest here)


Each day we did rotations where the kids learned about a certain topic that was the focus of the day, and on the last day during the Bible story rotation, the kids were allowed to colour on a cross that had been drawn on a piece of paper in the center of the room. While they listened to the story, they drew all kinds of patterns on the cross, and then stuck post-it notes onto it that had something they wanted forgiveness for and something that they were thankful for. Seeing the kids get so into it was awesome. One of the leaders started singing Amazing Grace while the kids quietly coloured and it was just so cool. At the end of each evening service, the pastor would get us counselors to come up to the front of the auditorium so that kids who wanted to pray could come to us. Each night there was a flood of kids rushing up to the leaders. So many kids accepted the Lord into their hearts, and so many kids just simply wanted to pray or had requests for the people in their lives. It was so special and something I cherish deeply.


Another one of the highlights of the week for me is that it was the last week of Kids Camp ever for the girls that I was counselling. It’s kind of neat symbolically because as I go into my last week of Youth Camp ever, I got to play a role in influencing the lives of the girls who will be replacing me at youth camp next year. It’s sort of like passing the torch down to the next generation of youth.


Out of the three weeks of camp I get to attend each summer, Kids Camp has a special place inside my heart. There’s such an innocence present, and the idea of “child-like faith” is so prevalent. Have you ever just stopped and really watched how children interact with Jesus? I find it so insanely cool. There were so many God-moments. There’s just this atmosphere of an unquestioning belief, and a true friendship between the kids and their Savior. Almost like there are no influences yet of friends, or society, but just a belief that God is real and absolutely no doubt about it.


I truly believe that the Lord has such a sweet spot inside His heart for children. Like the story in Matthew 19 where Jesus lets the children come to Him, He never sees them as being less than worthy. Whereas we tend to deem children as being “too young” and therefore unable to make a big difference in this world, He holds them to an equal standard as anyone else. He cherishes them. He is their heavenly Father and loves them endlessly, and the way that children believe in God is just beautiful to watch. My prayers go out to all of the kids who attended this past week, that they will apply all that they have learned to their lives in the next year, and that they will continue to seek the Lord with all that is within their hearts.




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