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twenty seventeen

Just before 2017 began, I started thinking of a “theme word” for the year – something that I wanted to focus on.

At first, I couldn’t come up with anything. So I just kept waiting for one to jump out at me and say “HEY! Pick me! I’m the one!” I went to buy a new pair of pyjama pants and was just a couple dollars away from getting an extra 40% off of my total, so I grabbed a journal that was sitting close to the till and threw it in. I ended up paying less than $5 for it, and the second I opened it when I got home, I knew my word.


Throughout last year, I saw this word pop up in so many different situations. I wrote what I was grateful for in my journal every night. I made a conscious effort to find something that I was grateful for each day even if the day hadn’t gone the way I wanted it to. And slowly, God worked on my heart and shaped my character to become more grateful naturally.  It was truly amazing to watch how He provided and how He brought me through, and the ways His plan was so different from mine but SO perfect.

I could probably write a short novel worth of things I’m grateful for, but instead I compiled my favourites to share with you.

I am grateful this year for my health, and that the Lord put breath into my lungs.

I am grateful that He also gave my family health, and that we were able to have so many adventures together and for the love that we shared. I am grateful that I got to meet a new baby cousin, and that I witnessed the marriage of an older cousin.

I am grateful that seven days into the new year, He caused mine and a certain blonde haired cutie’s paths to cross for the second time, and that on this occasion the timing was right. I’m grateful for the memories we’ve made so far, and for the growth that we have both undergone in our time together.

I am grateful that He provided the gift of travelling. This year I had the privilege of going to Cabo San Lucas, Radium Hot Springs, Kelowna (twice), Medicine Hat, Banff and Calgary.

I am grateful that He walked alongside me as I finished grade twelve and graduated.

I am grateful that He provided the opportunity to begin an internship with my church, and that I have been able to learn so much through it. I am grateful for the friendship I have built with my youth pastor/mentor, and for all of the laughter that fills our little office.

I am grateful that He led me to meet new friends who share the same passions and beliefs, and that He caused me to stumble across a Facebook group full of girls just like me. I’m grateful for the bonds I have formed, and for the support system I can run to.

I am grateful that the Lord is steadfast, faithful, gracious, and loving. I am grateful that His ways are so perfect, and that He constantly provides. I am grateful for this life He has given to me, and for another year on this earth.

The clock struck midnight on New Years Eve while my family was all gathered in our living room, praying together. I spent the first couple hours reading in front of the fire with my best friend, and my heart was so full of joy.

Hello 2018, I’m so excited to see what you have in store!



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