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in His time

Alex and I met on this weekend three years ago.

At the time, we were both 15. He had a girlfriend, and I didn’t really pay much attention to him. But his number was put into my phone when everyone shared their contact info, and we followed each other on Instagram, and for the next two years, that’s all that happened.

I often think of how it would have been different if him and I had liked each other that very first weekend. Would we have lasted? Would I have missed out on learning valuable life lessons during my singleness? Would our personalities have been different from maturing beside each other rather than apart?

I will never know the answers to the “what ifs” and the “would haves”. But what I do know, is that God makes everything perfect in His time.

The gap between our two meetings was a bumpy road. It was full of heartache, bad decisions, regret, loss, growth. There were so many restless nights full of uncertainty and confusion. I let my heart develop feelings for a few too many meaningless boys. But the thing is, if I keep looking back on those choices and dwelling on them, how do I move forward? I can only praise God that the time frame did not last longer than it did. I made it through my rough patch. I found the Lord in a new and refreshing way. I surrendered my life to Him, and I grew in ways I don’t think I would have had I not experienced the things I did.

After yet another heartbreak, I had cried out to God and surrendered Him control of this area in my life. Rather than trying to force things to happen, I wasn’t going to get into a relationship until He told me the time (and the man) was right.

It wasn’t long until He put Alex right in front of me.  It was our second time meeting – and slowly, things began to fall together piece by piece. When I look back at certain choices that I had no explanation for, I can see how those exact moments were specifically crafted so they would lead me closer to Alex. There is something so beautiful and so mysterious about allowing God to write your love story – for He is the Author of love, and He has all of our best interests in mind.

I wanted to share a little sliver of our story with you in hopes that it might encourage some of you. If you feel as though every relationship just keeps falling apart, maybe it’s time to allow the Lord to take the reins. He has a beautiful love story written for you, you just need to give Him the room to work.



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