Five Ways to Connect with God Amidst Busyness

Sometimes life gets crazy busy and I go through this period of time where I don’t spend nearly as much time reading my Bible or spending time with God as I would like to. I used to really beat myself up over that – I would feel guilty about not having enough time, and then when I would finally have time I would be too tired to invest in it as much as I wanted to. I was feeling a bit burnt out.

During this time I reached out to a couple of my friends for advice on how to “make time for God”, and since then I have been trying to apply their ideas to my own life, as well as coming up with my own little routine! So I just want to take a moment and share my ideas with you. ūüôā


This has been the most impactful thing I have added to my routine. Prayer is talking to God. There is no better way to get close to someone than to talk to them. I used to be really bad at remembering to pray or finding time to pray – but the thing is, you can pray ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

Something that I have been doing in my own walk is finding little moments where I can pray and taking advantage of them – while I’m driving to work, while I’m showering, while I’m washing dishes, while I’m doing my hair. Just talk to God. Sometimes I talk out loud, sometimes I talk in my head – it becomes more and more natural the more you do it. When you are in continuous conversation with the Lord you will find yourself being constantly connected to Him in the midst of busyness.


Alright. Let’s talk about Bible apps. Part of me used to not be a big fan of Bible apps because so many people replace an actual, physical Bible with their phone. When you’re reading the Bible on your phone, it is so easy to get distracted by an incoming notification. BUT. The accessibility is so incredible. I use the You Version app and I highly, highly, highly recommend it. Not only can you read so many different translations, read and highlight verses on the go, and connect with friends – there are also endless devotional plans on it. If you’re in a rut for what to read, I guarantee you can find something applicable to your life on there. Then you’ll have it right in your pocket on your lunch break, your daily commute, etc. When you have a moment, you can pull it out and dig into the Word. You can also read plans together with your friends – A and I have been doing this for a bit and it’s a really neat way to read the Bible together even when we are far from each other.


Wake up five or ten minutes earlier. Give your first minutes of the day to the Lord. You’ll start it off with Him in mind. Before your feet even touch the ground – dedicate the day to Him. Thank Him for giving you breath once again. If you slip time in with Him first thing in the morning, then it is done before you can even get caught up in the tasks of the day. You can’t “run out of time for God” if it is the first thing you check off of your to-do list in the morning.


Find the way that you connect with the Lord the best. For me, it’s journaling. I love reading my Bible and learning more. I love writing my prayers down. I love drawing in my Bible. This is the way I feel the most connected – so this is the way I spend my time with Him. If you’re bad at reading, but good at listening, find an audio Bible. Start with working your hobbies into your Bible study¬†and then expand from there.


I can’t advocate for this enough.

I love worship music. I love listening to it. I love singing it .

Play worship music in the background as you go about your everyday tasks. If you are listening to it while you work, your mind will constantly be drawn back to the Lord. Over time, worship will naturally flow out of you and become part of your routine!

One of the biggest things that I want to suggest is to find those things you are filling your time with that¬†could be replaced¬†by¬†time with the Lord. Rule out the distractions. If¬† you¬†watch two episodes of your favourite show on¬†Netflix¬†each night – couldn’t you watch only one and spend that free time¬†with Jesus? If you go through your Instagram feed¬†first thing when you wake up¬†, why not try reading a¬†devotional on the¬†You Version app instead?

Those are just a few of my ideas – I am constantly¬†discovering and practicing new ones.¬†¬†Next time you’re stuck in the busyness of life and feeling a disconnect from God, try one of these out. I hope you will be able to find them useful, as I have. ūüôā

♡ Britt


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