Monthly Loves

Monthly Loves // Summer


This summer has been a total whirlwind (as you can probably tell by the fact that I missed THREE of these posts), but it has also been SO GOOD!

I had the opportunity to make it out to the mountains a couple times, counselled at kids camp, spent lots of time with family, renovated a house, and have been working as a nanny during the week (my dream job).  It’s been a little bit crazy and busy but that’s also what has made it so fun!

I figured I’d continue my monthly love series with a summary of my loves for the Summer months, so here we are!

L I S T E N I N G   T O

× a whole lot of country music – favourites include basically anything Thomas Rhett, Dan + Shay, and my absolute favourite: Take Me Home, Country Roads (I believe there is no better song to wail in the car with your whole family on long drives)

× Let it Go. At least 500 times a day. It is drilled in my head permanently.

× Pre-releases from Jesus Culture’s upcoming album (less than a week until the whole thing is released!)

× III – Hillsong Young & Free

× There is a Cloud – Elevation Worship

× Veggie Tales (Remix) – Shama Mrema // the first time I heard this I laughed so hard. It’s the best. If you’re a Sunday School kid and you haven’t heard it yet, GO LISTEN NOW


W A T C H I N G :

× I just went and checked my recently watched on Netflix because I honestly couldn’t remember and it is literally just Paw Patrol, PJ Masks and Moana. Um.  #Nannylife

× Legally Blonde – the only movie I can remember watching all summer (which is how it should be when the weather is so nice!!)


R E A D I N G :

× Still working on “How to be a Hepburn in a Kardashian World but Jordan Christy

× Mercy Beyond Measure by Barry Shafer and Kurt Salierno (HIGHLY recommend)

× Spark Joy by Marie Kondo


L O V I N G :
× IKEA IKEA IKEA!!!! I have made 1 – 2 trips there a week the past month … it’s really bad (but also good because I haven’t been spending money on clothes so it’s relatively cheaper???)

× A few really amazing products from The Body Shop –

× their All-In-One BB Cream // It goes on white and adjusts to your skin tone which is PERFECT for summer when your colour is constantly changing. It also is so light and makes your skin look so glowy and pretty

× the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer // makes my skin so soft and smells amazing and does such a good job of moisturizing

× Honey Bronze Highlighting/Strobing Dome // I got the Bronze shade and have been using it as a bronzer all summer. You don’t need any brushes to apply it (just swipe it directly on and blend with your fingers) which makes it so great for getting ready on the go!

× Fun jeans – I got a pair of ankle ones from Lucky Brand that have crazy stitching all over them and they have been my go -to jeans all summer. Also ripped boyfriend ones.

× Fresh garden veggies (there is nothing better)

× Quaker Super Grains Apple & Cinnamon oatmeal – it is soooo tasty. This Summer I’ve also really enjoyed making overnight oats (there are so many recipes on Pinterest) or Muesli the way my Opa taught me how to make it.

×  Waterfalls


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Summer and I wish you all the best in wherever this Fall is taking you 🙂



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