The Joy Project

the joy project // no. 2

It’s been a very long time since I wrote the first post under this name, but I feel like there couldn’t be a better time to write another one. As normal everyday “life as we know it” continues to be torn up by this terrible virus sweeping the world, I have found myself in a season of contentment and counting my blessings. So much to be grateful for. So much to thank the Lord for. Worry is a thief of joy, but only if we let it be. It cannot grow roots if we turn our eyes on Jesus, and focus on all of the goodness there still is around us.

If I can offer you any encouragement during this time, it would be just that – seek the sunshine between all of the cracks, because it is still there. There’s still glimmers of joy. We just have to look a little bit harder. And may this be a season where we see what things in life we hold dear, and what we take for granted.

In the meantime here are some little things in life that have been bringing me joy. 🙂

  1. The days are getting a little bit longer and it’s not so dark when I wake up in the morning (it is so easy to be a morning person when the sun is up before you are!)
  2. I have a warm house and a full fridge and electricity and running water. I have things to keep me busy when I am stuck inside. So many simple things that are often taken for granted. How could I ever complain about having to stay inside with privileges like that? So many are less fortunate.
  3. I have found a workout program that I actually enjoy doing, and now I look forward to getting up and going out to do my workouts everyday. (That’s a really big deal for me and something that took a lot of discipline to learn.)
  4. I have been baking away on my days off + trying all kinds of new recipes that are outside of my comfort zone in preparation to take on my role as a homemaker in a few short months. I absolutely adore being in the kitchen. It’s like having another creative outlet!
  5. I work in a rural hospital laboratory attached to a long term care facility, and while we haven’t been touched by Covid at all yet (Praise God!), the place is on total lockdown. It breaks my heart that the residents can’t see their families, even though it’s for the best. Being able to interact with them for a little bit during my shifts brings me so much joy. And it’s such a simple way to bless them! (but really, I’m the one who is blessed by it all. I love seniors ♥)

I hope that you are all safe + healthy! It’s a crummy little situation right now, but please stay home with your families, wash your hands lots and focus on all of the good that there still is. I’m praying for each one of you who reads this!

♡ Britt


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